The Hanged Man

Glen Heald

Progressive Rock, Blues and Funk Rock fuse together in this hard hitting and innovative Electric Guitar Album. Teeming with numerous riffs, melodies and chord changes, the recordings feature slide guitar and extended guitar solos in a rock fusion format.

“The Hanged Man” is the fourth studio album by Glen Heald, consisting of six instrumental tracks and four vocal tracks. The album features Glen on vocals, electric guitar, slide guitar, blues harp, flute and acoustic guitar. As on his “Outsider” album Glen is again accompanied by the accomplished bass playing of his brother Dave Heald. Many of the tracks are layered with guitar melodies doubled or in harmony similar to the style of the Allman brothers band. As always there is a complete showcase of Glen’s powerful and evocative guitar. There is an influence of the great Chicago guitarist such as Buddy Guy but with a touch more grind in the style of Jeff Beck and Robin Trower. This is a more complex and ambitious album than his albums prior to 2015 and would be a great addition to record collectors who love serious rock guitar but are looking for something more interesting. Think Frank Zappa meets Tom Waits and Ry Cooder and your starting to get the idea of the compositional style.

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